SSOE Group
Front-end loading (FEL) is SSOE’s roadmap to launching a successful project and systematically guiding it through completion — marrying unique skills and groundbreaking methodologies with our breadth of manufacturing expertise to address our client’s complex operational challenges.

Carbon fiber and advanced composites are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and beyond, with the ability to make specialized parts and products that are stronger, longer-lasting, lightweight, and environmentally friendly.

A leader in advanced technologies and a Top 10 Manufacturing Design Firm for the past 6 years (ENR), our team of professionals is directly positioned to help clients expedite products to market while improving their bottom line. We do this by designing quality facilities and efficient processes that provide innovative solutions tailored to your individual needs.

As an engaged member of the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI), SSOE understands the varying operational challenges experienced by carbon fiber and composite material manufacturers, as well as the ongoing need to keep costs low. Whether helping to launch an idea in its infancy, designing an accelerated process to complement mass production, or assisting with commissioning and start-up, SSOE continues to be a diverse and dynamic player in the market.

IACMI is a leader in advanced composite research and development, geared towards finding low-cost solutions while partnering with manufacturers to test products. As an active member of IACMI, SSOE understands the issues with developing and implementing the varying advanced manufacturing processes of our clients. Combining this understanding with our extensive manufacturing experience allows us to develop cost-effective solutions to advanced manufacturing facilities and operations of all sizes.
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