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Our Rotation Program is geared toward ambitious entry-level professionals who want to fast-track their careers. We want to give people with leadership potential and drive the “legs” to move farther, faster. While rotating through offices and assignments, young professionals also discover the areas within SSOE where their talents and skills fit best.

The participants profile

The Rotation Program has a formal selection process and we encourage you to apply if you are ready to…

  • Expand your knowledge of different aspects of engineering, architecture, construction management, technology, project management, and SSOE.
  • Take on increased responsibility.
  • Discover your potential by experiencing different types of projects, markets, clients, cultures, and situations.
  • Experience different geographic locations with opportunities to relocate both domestically and internationally.

Launch a dynamic career

The program lasts approximately 5 years. During that time, you will work in several different offices and SSOE business units on many types of projects. SSOE’s range of locations across the globe and distinct business units present a variety of working environments. You will have the opportunity to establish connections with many successful professionals within SSOE and acquire broader professional skills.

The rotation program works as an advanced training course with greater responsibilities and expectations compared to an engineer, architect, or professional on the traditional career path. As a result, you will have the opportunity to earn accelerated promotions and be on the way to a leadership position. You will have a designated sponsor who manages the rotations, monitors your progress, and provides career coaching. Sponsors are seasoned SSOE managers who help participants acquire the perspective they need to excel in a variety of situations.

The choice of locations for the rotations considers both your preferences and the needs of the various offices and teams that you will work with. For the final rotation, you will have the opportunity to work in one of SSOE’s international offices or shadow a position of interest. At the end, you and SSOE will have discovered where you best fit in the organization, and there you’ll begin your next assignment.

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