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International Resources

  • The CIA World Factbook

    Published by the US CIA, this sources gives basic information on every country in the world including Land, Water, People, Government, Economy, Communications, and Defense Forces

  • Commercial and Business Affairs office of the US State Department

    The Office of Commercial and Business Affairs plays a major role in coordinating trade and investment matters in support of U.S. firms doing business overseas.

  • Deloitte International Tax and Business Guides

    This site includes information on over 100 countries including information on: investment climate, business and regulatory environment, foreign investment, choice of business entity, corporate and individual taxation, and employment law

  • Country Briefings

    This site includes a customized page for nearly 80 countries that includes recent articles, the political and economic outlook, history, and useful links.

  • Energy Information Administration

    Stats on energy statistics for numerous countries from the US government

  • Global Edge Resource Desk

    Comprehensive listing of resources for companies performing international work.

  • US Commercial Service

    This website requires free registration, but gives you access to market research reports on almost every country in the world. Selecting architectural, engineering, and construction services as your industry during the registration process will result in updates on construction and professional licensing registrations in the desired country.

  • United States Trade Development Agency

    The U.S. Trade and Development Agency advances economic development and U.S. commercial interests in developing and middle income countries.

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