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Some recent articles that dive into the advantages and applications of BIM technology

  • On The Line – Chem.Info

    By JOHN STAUFFER, PMP — Senior Project Manager

    With increasing pressure from retailers, competition from low-cost manufacturers, and global market expansion, consumer product manufacturers are carefully examining their production processes. more

  • The Next Dimension – The Military Engineer

    by Mike Duffey, P.E., Vincent DiPofi, P.E. and David Semproch, AIA, NCARB

  • SSOE – High Tech Engineering Nothing New – Progressive Engineer

    If you walk through the offices of SSOE, you’ll likely see engineers using the latest in computer technology to design their projects. Do they see this as a fun opportunity or a daunting task keeping up with technology all the time? Dave Sipes, senior vice president of the firm’s industrial process group, responds, “For the most part, they really love it. more

  • 4D: Construction with Less Guess, Less Stress

    3D has made it possible to view the design of a complete structure, its sections, and systems, and to rotate them all from the comfort of a keyboard. This leaves less to the imagination during the review process and construction. Add a sophisticated Gantt chart schedule and you can know a lot about how a project is going to come together. more

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