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Some recent articles that dive into the advantages and applications of BIM technology

  • The Next Dimension – The Military Engineer

    by Mike Duffey, P.E., Vincent DiPofi, P.E. and David Semproch, AIA, NCARB

  • SSOE – High Tech Engineering Nothing New – Progressive Engineer

    If you walk through the offices of SSOE, you’ll likely see engineers using the latest in computer technology to design their projects. Do they see this as a fun opportunity or a daunting task keeping up with technology all the time? Dave Sipes, senior vice president of the firm’s industrial process group, responds, “For the most part, they really love it. more

  • 4D: Construction with Less Guess, Less Stress

    3D has made it possible to view the design of a complete structure, its sections, and systems, and to rotate them all from the comfort of a keyboard. This leaves less to the imagination during the review process and construction. Add a sophisticated Gantt chart schedule and you can know a lot about how a project is going to come together. more

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  • SSOE Group Leading Design for VA Battle Creek Ambulatory Care Expansion

    SSOE Group (, an international engineering, procurement, and construction management firm, announced today it has completed the design development for the ambulatory care expansion project taking place at the Battle Creek Veteran Affairs Medical Center. more

  • The Next Dimension

    Federal building project managers who have tried to decipher the inscrutable colored bars and captions from Gantt charts describe the progress of a construction now have an alternative: four dimensional (4D) building information modeling (BIM). more

  • Energy Planning for Laboratories

    Laboratories generally don’t age gracefully. This is, in part, because laboratories guzzle energy. Their HVAC systems do not re-circulate air and instead must bring in large volumes of outside air. These demanding HVAC profiles, new standards, new technologies and rising utility cost’s ensure that sooner or later, a lab’s mechanical systems will grow inefficient and the building will begin to falter in it’s capacity to support research missions. more

  • Environmentally friendly projects coming to San Antonio bases

    Base and post exchanges are known for their bargain prices, and now they’ll be known for being environmentally friendly. more


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