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SSOE’s years of experience in the food business have enabled us to develop procedures to help our food clients with quick recovery from salmonella outbreaks in plants producing and using peanut butter or paste.

This experience includes designing and modifying new or existing process design and equipment layouts to separate raw from cooked ingredients, as well as the necessary cleaning procedures to deter all types of safety issues. This is accomplished while keeping changeover time down and production up.

SSOE’s engineers and architects have collectively worked in thousands of food manufacturing plants and are familiar with the most state-of-the art practices and cGMP procedures. Our experts can incorporate them into any new or existing facility. We understand the crucial need to end an unexpected shut-down as quickly as possible and if necessary can respond with the appropriate round-the-clock, on-site resources.

SSOE’s most extensive experience involved a large peanut butter plant that was unexpectedly forced to shut-down operations due to a salmonella outbreak. Beginning in the first phases, we helped guide the recovery process. SSOE investigated the cause, developed options for solutions, and designed a new process layout, controls upgrades, and safety procedures to ensure future outbreaks would be eliminated. In the end, what was originally thought to require a 15-18 month shut-down was cut to 5 months through the on-site, round-the-clock work by SSOE and seamless cooperation of the client and construction company.

During these five months, the client also was able to take advantage of the down time to integrate numerous other upgrades that would improve productivity and reduce energy consumption. These efforts culminated in a state-of-the art plant. Throughout the course of this project, more than $750,000 in operational cost savings was documented based on approaches suggested by SSOE.

To learn quickly and confidentially about how SSOE can help your company deter, investigate, or recover from a salmonella outbreak, call or email Vince DiPofi, PE.

Office: 419.255.3830
Cell: 419.304.0710

Please direct all media calls to Catherine Malicki:
Office 419.255.3830
Cell: 419.351.9600

For more information on SSOE’s food experience, please visit our main food page.

For additional resources, visit these sites:
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Investigation information for outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium infection in 2008-2009

Client Testimonial

“I want to recognize the effort of SSOE and all your engineers, designers, draftsmen, and support personnel behind the scenes who were part of this project.

The SSOE team put in extended hours away from home for weeks on end. They worked on a very condensed schedule with minimal direction. SSOE was an integral part of re-designing the new process system within the plant, improving the controls, and improving the food safety of the plant.

I know of no other group who contributed more to the success of the project than SSOE.”

Director of Engineering
Confidential client dealing with a peanut butter related salmonella outbreak.

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