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Project Profile: Wind Energy Structural Study

Vertical Axis Wind TurbineWind Energy Corporation is executing a multiphase project at two seperate locations. SSOE is providing design and application engineering services for a new vertical axis wind turbine. In the first phase of the retrofit project, SSOE is optomizing the design of the turbine unit, its structural supports, and power electronics integration. In addition, the project scope includes a complete system integration of prototype vertical axis wind sail system. SSOE also provided inverter specification, electrical permit drawings, and controls system development.
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Project Profile: Horizon I Research Facility

Horizon LabThis prominently sited, five-story structure ties the University of South Carolina (USC) traditional campus to its new urban “innovista” research campus. The facility supports programs in engineering, technology, scientific research, and industrial development of alternative energy sources.
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Project Profile: Process Modeling for a Gasification System

On the merits of SSOE’s broad experience with chemical / energy projects and front-end process design, Secure Energy enlisted SSOE to help it develop a coal gasification system at its Decatur, Illinois plant.

SSOE served as the lead process engineering firm and integrated into the plant the various technologies required for the process into the plant. The firm was responsible for modeling and design of the process areas as well as scheduling and cost estimating for the overall engineering effort. With a minimal number of coal gasification units working in the U.S., SSOE developed a mathematical model of the chemical processes involved in transforming coal into synthetic natural gas and utilized the first gasifiers brought into the country by the client’s technology provider.
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Project Profile: Pilot Facility for Producing and Extracting Algae Oil

Phycal, an algae fuel company, hired SSOE to perform preliminary engineering design for its new, 30 acre pilot algae farm in Central Oahu, Hawaii. The facility, which was funded through a Department of Energy (DOE) grant, will house an integrated production system for growing algae and extracting algal oil. Once complete, the facility is expected to produce over 100,000 gallons of oil per year, which can be converted into biodiesel, fuel oil blends, and other energy products.
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Project Profile: Ethanol Facility Expansion

Glacial Lakes Energy (GLE), a manufacturer of corn-based ethanol, underwent a capacity increase to more than double their existing capability. SSOE provided full engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, erection, and
commissioning support. SSOE coordinated with GLE, the contractor, and the process provider to successfully complete a fast-track, turnkey project which increased GLE’s existing ethanol production to 100 million gallons per year.
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Project Profile: Thin Film Flexible Photovoltaic Facility Fast-track Expansion Study

With the next step in their growth (and a major expansion) on the line, Xunlight looked to SSOE to provide the Department of Energy (DOE) with an extensive review of their planned expansion from an initial 25 MW plant to a full scale 100 MW production facility.
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Project Profile: Facility to Recycle Solid Waste into Sellable Chemicals

When the client acquired a rural site to take in municipal waste, railroad ties, and used tires, it sought SSOE’s process engineering expertise in transforming the brownfield site into an alternative energy facility. The client needed to ascertain if these elements could generate sellable chemicals and result in a commercially viable business. As one of the top ranked chemical plant and green industrial and manufacturing design firms, SSOE was uniquely qualified to tackle the complexities of front-end process design while planning a fully functioning, energy-efficient facility.
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