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We have the breadth of services to support large capital projects and, at the same time, are responsive to your more immediate project requirements.

Project Profile: Belle River Mills Compressor Station As-Built Legacy Program

DTE Energy sought an engineering alliance partner to efficiently and effectively deliver its Belle River Mills (BRM) Compressor Station Mechanical Drawing As-Built Legacy Program, meeting their delivery deadlines for confirming and updating existing mechanical drawings to reflect current conditions. SSOE was engaged as the partner of choice for this program, having successfully demonstrated its proposed project team’s ability to provide top quality deliverables, while thinking outside the box to maximize value for the client.
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Project Profile: Transmission Site Hardening

On April 16, 2013, a Silicon Valley power substation was attacked by a sniper. Shots were fired into the radiators and conservators of 17 transformers, causing the equipment to leak 52,000 gallons of oil, disabling the yard and interrupting service to customers. Prior to this attack, communication lines were deliberately severed near the site to delay local law enforcement’s response time. As a result, $15.4 million in damages were reported by the utility company, with 27 days spent repairing the substation to bring it back online.
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Project Profile: Comprehensive Renewable Energy Feasibility

Having successfully performed design work for more than 50% of all automotive assembly plants built in the United States over the last ten years, Volkswagen called upon SSOE Group to oversee architecture, engineering, and construction management services for their new production facility.

As part of this project, SSOE performed a full-spectrum renewable energy survey to determine the most suitable and cost effective technology to utilize to meet Volkswagen’s energy production and system integration requirements.
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Project Profile: Ethanol Facility Expansion

Glacial Lakes Energy (GLE), a manufacturer of corn-based ethanol, underwent a capacity increase to more than double their existing capability. SSOE provided full engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, erection, and
commissioning support. SSOE coordinated with GLE, the contractor, and the process provider to successfully complete a fast-track, turnkey project which increased GLE’s existing ethanol production to 100 million gallons per year.
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Project Profile: Facility to Recycle Solid Waste into Sellable Chemicals

When the client acquired a rural site to take in municipal waste, railroad ties, and used tires, it sought SSOE’s process engineering expertise in transforming the brownfield site into an alternative energy facility. The client needed to ascertain if these elements could generate sellable chemicals and result in a commercially viable business. As one of the top ranked chemical plant and green industrial and manufacturing design firms, SSOE was uniquely qualified to tackle the complexities of front-end process design while planning a fully functioning, energy-efficient facility.
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Project Profile: Energy Assessment

SSOE completed Phase 1 of an energy assessment for two of Marathon’s asphalt terminals. Marathon’s intention was to implement the lessons learned from these two terminals at other terminals without requiring in-depth analysis at each terminal.
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