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Our designs reflect extensive knowledge of healthcare trends and Evidence-Based Design (EBD) so that the facility succeeds as a place for healing as well as a sound business decision.

Project Profile: Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children

The Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children is a new, 12-story, replacement hospital with a central energy plant. This project is the largest medical facility expansion in the history of the state of Alabama. It is located directly north of the current facility and is bridged to the existing facilities.
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St. Vincent Rehabilitation Hospital

St.Vincent_thumb1Two-story, 12,000+ addition to the existing 60-bed hospital. The new addition added 20 new beds to the second floor while the ground floor remained an open therapy courtyard space. With the bed addition, The Burell Group reworked and expanded the existing therapy gym. ADA deficiencies were corrected in facility and the power distribution and med gas systems were also reworked.

Advocate Condell Surgery Center

Advocate_thumb1The project was a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center build-out, approximately 11,000 SF, in a medical office building completed in January, 2017. It opened with two operating rooms and one future operating room. The following areas were developed in the available space: waiting room, reception, business office, bulk storage, soiled and clean work, mechanical room, medical gas room, sterile storage, staff lounge / lockers, semi-restricted staff lounge and control station, anesthesia work, prep and recovery stations with medical gases, private recovery room, consultation room, and exam / private prep room.

Choctaw Critical Access Hospital

Chocataw_thumb1The Burell Group provided architectural design services for a new freestanding 25-bed critical access Hospital in Choctaw County, Alabama.

This 70,000 SF project included renovating a 36,000 SF existing manufacturing building and adding 34,000 SF to replace the existing Choctaw County General Hospital. The new hospital with medical office building was designed for 25 private patient rooms with toilets, showers, and a kitchen with a public dining room to seat 60+ people. The hospital was designed with an emergency room, diagnostic facilities, inpatient / outpatient physician’s therapy, pharmacy, lab, outpatient clinical services, and support space for equipment, storage, laundry, and more.

Project Profile: ProMedica’s New Corporate Headquarters

ProMedica Health System, a locally owned, nonprofit healthcare organization serving Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan that was established in 1986, is nearing the completion of the renovation and construction of their new corporate headquarters in downtown Toledo, Ohio. The move to downtown’s waterfront will have entailed the renovation of a vacant historical structure, the Toledo Edison Steam Plant, renovation of the adjacent former Key Bank (originally Toledo Trust) building and Toledo Edison Plaza, and construction of a new multi-level parking structure to ultimately house approximately 1,300 employees.
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Project Profile: Henry Ford Hospital Varian EDGETM Radiosurgery System

Henry Ford Health System chose SSOE Group to provide architectural and engineering services, which included the removal of a linear accelerator (LINAC) and installation of a new Varian EDGE radiosurgery system in an existing vault in the basement of Henry Ford Hospital. Initially, the vault was not adequately shielded for the radiation output of the new equipment, as determined by the client’s on-staff physicist. SSOE worked closely with the physicist, shielding contractor, and construction manager to creatively solve this problem and ultimately provided a fully-shielded treatment room to house the first EDGE radiosurgery LINAC of its kind in North America—second in the world.
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Project Profile: Hospital and Medical Office Building

Aiming to increase patient access to state-of-the-art medical technology and professional healthcare services, Mercy Tiffin Hospital sought SSOE’s expertise to construct a new, fully integrated hospital and medical office building.
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Project Profile: Strategic Development Master Plan

Located on 500 acres of tranquil farmland, this state-of-the-art campus is for individuals with Mental Retardation or Developmental Disabilities (MR/DD). The client solicited SSOE’s services to develop a strategic master plan for the future.

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Project Profile: Interim Stay Unit

SSOE performed a complete renovation of the former surgical suite at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center. The suite was vacated when the North addition (Fitzgerald Pavilion) was opened and inpatient surgery functions were relocated. SSOE designed a new 53-bed, 23-hour Interim Stay Unit (ISU) to infill the vacant suite.
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Project Profile: Wildwood Orthopaedic and Spine Specialty Hospital

This single-story, freestanding, orthopaedic, and spine specialty hospital is located on a satellite outpatient campus of the ProMedica healthcare system. Support spaces include those required for state licensing and program operation. This facility is ProMedica’s first all digital hospital, complete with electronic health records technology, comprehensive inpatient and outpatient diagnostic services, including CT, MRI, and general X-ray.

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