SSOE Group
SSOE is a leader in the manufacturing / process market — with ever-expanding aerospace knowledge and an in-house continuous improvement program driven by sound project delivery, rich experience, and trusted methodologies.

SSOE’s aerospace expertise is rooted in safety, quality, and innovation, with a background that includes design and construction of cleanrooms, facilities for propulsion and engine testing, paint shops, assembly, R&D, manufacturing, and composite materials facilities. Our diverse project experience is focused on quality results. Innovation is delivered through our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, which offers significant benefits of schedule compression, enhanced constructability, and reduction of overall project cost.

We’re committed to our goal of minimizing waste and maximizing value through process improvements in operations, construction, and design. The formula is simple: identify and isolate deficiencies while emphasizing quality and controlling costs. By building long-term relationships with our clients, we are able to develop an intimate knowledge of our clients’ business and processes.  With this deeper understanding, and by listening to our clients, we are able to question the current status quo and offer design and construction alternatives that ultimately save our clients time, trouble, and money. The stronger — and longer — the relationship, the more value we add.

SSOE serves world-class clients across the globe. We have executed projects in 40 countries and are successful at navigating local protocols and building codes wherever our clients aspire to set up shop. We are a partner and resource, guiding you through the entire planning, design, and construction process, with one goal: your success.


Integrated Project Delivery

IPD methods are a vital part of our practice. This approach integrates both design and construction into one cohesive team, utilizing the group’s collective talent and insight for the benefit of the project and the client. This IPD approach leverages efficiency and productivity through all phases of design and construction and requires unyielding coordination and collaboration between designers, construction managers, project managers, project controls staff, and contractors. Using the newest trusted 3D technologies as our platform, we bring a new level of sophistication to the design and construction process for our clients. Many of our clients have to come to appreciate and derive the benefits from our IPD approach; we would like to make you one of them.

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