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Food Engineering Magazine Article: “Stop the leaks before they stop your business”

leaking water from blue pipeJames Yerke, PE, CEM, Section Manager and Senior Associate at SSOE Group, was featured in this Food Engineering Magazine article that discusses inefficiency and loss/costs caused by physical leaks within a facility, namely air and water, and different tools available to find them and fix them. Leak problems will exacerbate further as time goes on, increasing costs if not corrected. When it comes to leaks, it’s in your best interest to dig into the issue before the issue digs into your bottom line.

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RCR Wireless News Article: “Insights for Holistic Auditing”

White Floyd_150x150Auditing savvy: an insightful, holistic approach will net an insightful, holistic audit.

Floyd White, PE, Project Manager and Senior Electrical Engineer at SSOE Group, wrote this resourceful article for RCR Wireless News offering readers clear-cut direction for improving tower site and shelter audits. With over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, White shares his auditing insight and expert recommendations sure to lead you to your most quality audit to date.

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Power Engineering Magazine Article: “Projects Illustrate Strategies for Comprehensive Design Tools”

photocell boardsTom Fitzpatrick, Power Department Manager at SSOE Group, co-authored this content-rich article, published in Power Engineering Magazine, that explores the cost benefits of conducting a feasibility study during the planning phase of a project. The article highlights project examples where SSOE’s engineers were able to add even more value to a feasibility study with their ability to quickly and easily assess, and point decision-makers in the right direction.

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Area Development Magazine Article: “The United States: A Growing Competitor for New Manufacturing Plants”

Southeast United States [Converted]_150x150Foreign companies are trending in the direction of the U.S. as they review global site selection options, with suppliers following. Alexandra Segers, International Senior Account Executive / Program Manager at SSOE Group, shares her insight in this article published in Area Development Magazine. Within, Segers discusses some of the important items — including incentives and cost offsets, utility factors, and workforce availability — that are making the U.S. an advantageous area to consider development, with the Southeast U.S. leading the pack. Continue reading →

Food Engineering Magazine Article: “GMPs, FSMA and GFSI: Making the Right Connections”

Food PlantJennifer Wondergem, a chemical engineer at SSOE Group, is featured in a recent article published in Food Engineering Magazine. The article discusses good manufacturing practices (GMPs)—or current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs)—in relation to Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) schemes.

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Food Engineering Magazine Article: “36th Annual Plant Construction Survey, The Push for ROI”

Ken Gruenhagen, PE, LEED APFood Engineering’s 36th Annual Plant Construction Survey reports that last year there was an increase in reportable projects over the previous year. This trend is expected to continue into 2013 and beyond. SSOE’s Ken Gruenhagen, Food and Consumer Products Division Manager, comments on the factors he believes to play a part in this increase, what projects are of upmost importance to plant and facility managers, and what he expects for the future as capital plans are made.

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