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We deliver fully integrated services for both facilities and process engineering projects. Our experience — more than 20 years for higher-level staff — works to the benefit of our clients in tangible ways.

New Aseptic Filling Line

Food-Client_Aseptic-Filling-Line1A production increase at a client’s existing facility required a new aseptic line addition to the existing production process. This capacity increase required process, packaging, and palletizing equipment installation, as well as a 1,000 SF process area expansion and 1,600 SF truck dock expansion. Given SSOE’s strong relationship with the client, as well as our experience providing mechanical utilities and HVAC controls for a previous aseptic expansion at this facility, the firm was the obvious choice to provide engineering services necessary to successfully deliver this project.
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Project Profile: Frosting Line Addition – 13 Month Schedule Completed in 10 Months

When a major food manufacturer sought to add production capacity through the addition of a second Ready to Spread (RTS) frosting line, it looked to SSOE to provide the same high quality engineering services it had provided on the original RTS line installation more than 20 years prior. SSOE provided complete EPCM project delivery for the line, raw ingredients to finished product warehouse, and repurposed existing warehouse areas. The project was slated for completion in just 13 months.

As an industry leader in design technology, SSOE employed Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to deliver a construction strategy that pulled critical path activities forward, allowing maximum time for process design.

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Project Profile: Renovation, Relocation, and Expansion of Food Manufacturing Facility

When Hershey embarked on the conversion of an abandoned brownfield factory into a new candy manufacturing facility in Mexico, SSOE was asked to join the design / build team that turned it into a viable production facility for its chocolate products. With a history of success on fast-track food projects, the team was able to immediately respond to the challenging project demands, which allowed for parallel design and construction.

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Project Profile: Indian Special Economic Zone

With extensive international food engineering experience, SSOE was chosen to design a master plan greenfield project spanning more than 300 acres in Tuticorin, India.

This includes a wide range of facilities encompassing cold storage, warehousing, irradiation complex, food testing laboratory, and logistics planning, as well as a wide variety of food processing plants including grains, oils, and vegetables.

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Project Profile: Flood Clean-up: Recovering After Disaster

In June 2008, widespread flooding submerged much of Iowa. This food client’s plant, one of the world’s largest food manufacturing facilities, was among the many businesses affected by the rising water. Located near a main river, the plant suffered considerable internal damage to operating equipment and was forced to stop production. Water filled the basement and rose nearly two feet into the first floor, destroying much of the on-hand product and damaging the facility’s operating process equipment.

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Project Profile: Facility Expansion

American Snuff, LLC called upon SSOE to provide a project solution for their new tobacco product manufacturing, warehousing, and packaging facility in Memphis, Tennessee. As part of the conceptual design effort, SSOE accompanied American Snuff on walkthroughs of several vacant buildings being considered for the new plant. Based on their observations, SSOE recommended building which would best meet American Snuff’s needs and budget.

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Project Profile: Peanut Butter Safety Upgrade

During an unexpected shutdown of its production, a food manufacturing client called on SSOE, its long trusted engineering resource, to quickly improve processes and return the facility to full operation. Because every week of lost production meant lost revenue, the team was directed to fast-track the project, but not at the expense of the client’s stringent quality standards.

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Project Profile: Start-up of Pilot Tomato Processing Plant

When this food manufacturer built a pilot plant to develop a new method of making tomato products using a new evaporator system, they realized they were limited in the manpower they needed to master the process. With a need for additional onsite support, the food manufacturer wanted a partner that not only had expertise in design process, but had a fundamental understanding of the hands-on approach needed to learn the functionality of the system and to help ensure its success. With an alliance agreement in place the client commissioned SSOE to manage the startup process at the facility under a Master Service Agreement. Noted for its vast expertise in tomato-based products, SSOE’s experience runs the gamut from bulk ingredient receiving through USDA/FDA inspection, sorting, processing,
filling, packaging, palletizing, and warehousing.

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Project Profile: Fast-track Production Shift from Client to Co-packer

When a sausage snack manufacturer experienced catastrophe at one of their production plants, SSOE proved integral to getting them back in production, and with quick results. Noted for its expertise in start-up management, SSOE’s involvement with this project showcased its ability to provide quick response to client crisis situations, whether it be floods, explosions, or product tainting.

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Project Profile: Onsite Support and Food Safety Mitigation

When a large chain superstore mandated that its suppliers become SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified, MOM Brands needed an expert firm to get their largest facility compliant, and in record time. With a solid reputation in start-up management and implementation, SSOE proved to be the best firm for implementing this food safety project. Working against a 10 day downtime timeframe, SSOE put the right team of experts in place to ensure MOM Brands compliance. With an ever-changing project scope, SSOE responded and improved the indoor quality.

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