SSOE Group
You have commitments to produce a product, and SSOE will be there to help you meet those commitments.

In 2012, SSOE acquired Evergreen EDC — a multidiscipline engineering, design, and construction management firm. The acquisition offers expanded resources and experience to the semiconductor industry.

Together, the merged firms provide engineering and design services for the semiconductor manufacturing industry by utilizing innovative thinking and a swift project delivery process. Whether it is a new facility, retrofitting an existing area or a large tool ramp, SSOE is nimble and resourceful. With clear communication and innovative thinking, we will bring your projects to reality. We thrive in developing engineered solutions and implementing technology for complex environments.

Evergreen EDC brings to SSOE a long history of executing large and small tool ramps, base build design, and retrofit projects. As companies upgrade facilities for new tool sets, unique situations arise. Complex code issues materialize as occupancy requirements change, technology processes evolve, or better facility optimization is required. We have performed hundreds of projects throughout fabs and facilities including fit-ups and hook-ups, all while taking into account uptime for the facility and the impacts on production.

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