SSOE Group
Our design strategy: providing cost-effective and practical solutions for world-class mission-critical facilities, data centers, and high-performance computing facilities.

Mission-critical facility design and construction requires flexibility, scalability, and energy efficiency in order to meet ever-changing requirements. SSOE understands these requirements and will create the most cost-effective solution for your facility. Our integrated architectural and engineering design services provide collaborative teams with experience in customized solutions including site selection, engineering, design, and construction management. We understand the dynamic nature of the industry and deliver customized, cost-effective, and practical design solutions for your facility.

Technological advancements and demands for energy efficiency have a significant impact on mechanical and electrical designs, as well as the architecture of the facility. We recognize that mission-critical facility design for the future requires greater flexibility and scalability in the engineering of building systems to meet dynamic requirements of the industry. As well, more and more owners are looking for the benefits of facilities designed to meet sustainable building certification guidelines.

With a thorough understanding of your unique requirements, our collaborative approach engages your stakeholders and allows us to create functional, sustainable solutions. The result is a flexible and reliable facility that meets today’s technical requirements yet allows for future growth as capacity and needs change. We identify the need for equipment redundancies for mission-critical systems, and we strive to design to your budget and schedule. Planning for the future brings significant value to your projects.

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