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IMPO Magazine Article: “Connecting the Dots: Legacy Knowledge is Key”

Julie Dolan, Principal Account Executive at SSOE is featured in IMPO magazine’s July 2012 issue. This article takes a look at the benefit of working with a global engineering partner Continue reading →

Power Engineering Magazine: “Renewables for Baseload Generation – Probably Not”

Tom-Fitzpatrick,-SSOETom Fitzpatrick, PE and Ron Lutwen of SSOE’s power division explore the potential for renewable energy sources to carry baseload power capacity in the U.S. In this article, Fitzpatrick and Lutwen also compare the costs of new power generation with average costs for generation technologies to be brought on line Continue reading →

Security Systems News: “Specifically Speaking with Jim Otte”

Jim-Otte,-NICET-IVSSOE’s Jim Otte, NICET IV, Data/Fire/Security Specialist is featured in Security Systems News‘s July 2012 issue. Otte discusses advances in security technologies Continue reading →

Food Engineering Magazine: 35th Annual Plant Construction Survey – “Processors Prepare for Future Initiatives”

SSOE's Mike Murphy, Principal Division Manager SSOE’s Mike Murphy, Principal Division Manager is featured in Food Engineering magazine’s June 2012 issue. This issue includes the Annual Plant Construction Survey in which Murphy shares his thoughts on the growing trends he has observed toward efficiency improvements, plant consolidations, and attempts to standardize production across facilities. He attributes these changes to ever increasing costs of raw materials, ingredients, energy, and shipping which presents a challenge for food manufacturers to maintain or increase profit margins.

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Food Manufacturing Magazine: “Beyond The White Glove Test”

Food Manufacturing magazine's June 2012 issueSSOE’s Mark Hoffman, PE, PMP, is featured in Food Manufacturing magazine’s June 2012 issue. In the article, Hoffman suggests a holistic approach to the design of dust collection and easy-to-clean production equipment Continue reading →

The Making of a Sustainable Facility

Volkswagen’s new Chattanooga, Tennessee production facility is a model of environmental responsibility and sustainability. SSOE integrated these core values into every level of the project, from design through construction. The site includes outbound logistics, an extensive training center, media center, social hall, cafeteria, technical center, tank farm, recycling center, and fire station.

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