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Ready, Tech, Go!

Technology is rocking the world of facilities design with costand time-saving advantages. SSOE can get you up to speed on what these amazing programs do.

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Feeling squeezed by greenhouse gas regulations?

SSOE’s expertise will free you from the confusion around the EPA’s ever changing regulations on industrial GHG emissions. Our environmental experts can help you with any aspect – from reporting emission levels to securing permits.

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3D Design – For an action packed view of your process

A 3D view of your food process leaves a lot less to the imagination. We’ll give you a front row seat and together examine how it’s going to work. You can revise it, improve it, and share it with the project team. It’s software…
with hard core advantages.

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Food Manufacturing Magazine Article: “Virtual Assurance”

Kellogg 3D model of processIn this Food Manufacturing article, SSOE’s Joe Badalamenti, PE, PMP, discusses how Kellogg Company uses 3D modeling to help guide the construction of facilities that must integrate various pieces of equipment from a variety of vendors. Continue reading →

Shanghai Business Review Article: “Building Up”

Andrew Kwok, SSOE Asian OperationsRecently, fresh opportunities have revived China’s construction and engineering sector and set the stage for new projects. SSOE Group’s Andrew Kwok is interviewed for this article. Continue reading →

Making clients successful by saving them time trouble and money

We look at each stage of a project, each service, as an opportunity to save clients time, trouble, and money. The metrics below indicate an amount of savings –some represent a single effort or idea, others are a total of multiple savings on a given project.

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