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Above Ground Level Magazine Article: “It’s a Win-Win when Auditors Get Detailed”

SSOE’s Floyd White, PE SSOE’s Floyd White, PE and Heather McCormick are featured in this article focused on maximizing wireless tower audit results in Above Ground Level magazine’s October 2012 issue. White and McCormick explain how a suitable audit helps to ensure a telecommunications site’s safety, security, and optimum performance Continue reading →

FacilityCare Magazine Article: “Diagnosing Mass Notification in Healthcare Facilities”

Jim Otte - SSOE GroupSSOE’s Jim Otte, NICET IV, Data / Fire / Security Specialist discusses a variety of mass notification technologies and how some of the new solutions can make emergencies more manageable in FacilityCare magazine’s August / September 2012 issue. Otte helps to uncover the appropriate alarms to use within a complex as well as government regulations to be aware of when installing mass notification systems in a healthcare environment.

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Video: SSOE Performs Engineering for the First of its Kind Wind Power Technology

Vertical Axis Wind TurbineSSOE provided on-site assistance for the first beta site vertical axis wind turbine and will be involved with product development support for additional installations and further enhancements Continue reading →

Processing Magazine Article: “P&ID Reviews Promote Productivity, Safety, and Quality”

"P&ID Reviews Promote Productivity, Safety, and Quality"SSOE’s Michael Spencer, PE discusses the importance of conducting a thorough piping and instrument diagram/drawing (P&ID) review against 3D models in Processing magazine’s September 2012 issue. A P&ID review should include a “virtual” walkthrough of the 3D model Continue reading →

UT News: New Pavilion Honoring Alumni Unveiled Sept. 13 with the Help of SSOE

UT-Alumni-PavilionSSOE Group has made an in-kind contribution to donate the architectural design along with all engineering for the new University of Toledo (UT) pavilion and entry complex Continue reading →

Plant Services Magazine Article: “Team Chemistry: 5 Strategies for Optimizing Inventory and Material Flow”

"Team Chemistry"SSOE’s Rick Beaman and Cliff Reese discuss five specialty chemical process strategies for optimizing inventory and material flow in Plant Services magazine’s August 2012 issue. Learn how these five strategies can assist

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