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Laboratory Design Magazine: “Lab Planning: Asking the Right Questions”

Alan Liddy, AIA, NCARB, PMP In this article, SSOE’s Alan Liddy, AIA, NCARB, PMP discusses the importance of asking the right quesitions when designing a laboratory environment. Liddy provides examples of the right quesitons to ask in order to extract additional information which could prevent a planning engineering from falling into traps. Continue reading →

Chemical Engineering Magazine: “Better Chemistry by Design”

Chemical Engineering Magazine: "Better Chemistry by Design"SSOE Group’s Dave Jechura, PE and Chemical Process Department Manager discusses how simulation software helps to create higher performace, safer, and more-economical chemical process industry (CPI) plants. Continue reading →

Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine Article: “Firm Gives Back to Community, Young Engineers”

Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine Article: “Firm Gives Back to Community, Young Engineers”SSOE Group is featured in Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine’s March issue. This article highlights SSOE’s corporate-wide community involvement and outreach programs.

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Making the Right Moves

Whether our clients decide to further expand within their home country or break new ground across the globe, increasingly the projects have tight schedules. The most obvious reason is the faster the products can be manufactured, the sooner they can generate revenue. Once the decision is made to develop the facility, time becomes a key factor. As the completion date draws near, every week is measured by production gained or lost. If the facility is to be developed in an unfamiliar location, working with a company that lacks global experience invites delays and missteps. Continue reading →

The Global Economy: the more things change, the more things change

Challenging. Competitive. Rich with opportunities. From where we sit as a global provider of EPCM services, those words sum up the world’s current economic landscape. Our management team, like yours, studies information on economic trends and their affect on the production of goods and provision of services worldwide. Our expansion plans are all about being wherever our clients want to be. Continue reading →

Getting it right from the start

“It’s a small world after all” is proving more and more true — except when selecting a site for a new location across the globe. When a company is faced with finding a site for a new facility thousands of miles and several cultures removed from “home,” the distance factor can seem insurmountable. SSOE’s site selection services neutralize the difficulties this challenge poses. Continue reading →