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Processing Magazine Article: “4 Insights into Resolving Vibration in Cleanrooms”

Dewayne Galyon, Basebuild Technical Specialist at SSOE, offers his top four insights for maintaining a facility’s cleanroom conditions in this Processing Magazine article. With a variety of highly developed tools available, measuring, monitoring, and managing cleanroom facility conditions is indeed more easily achievable than ever before, but still not without its trials. Within the article, Dewayne drills down into vibration issues, which are caused by something moving or rotating, that often damage equipment or affect the product. Although allowable vibration varies from cleanroom facility to cleanroom facility due to size and standards, a vibration problem can be an ambitious one for clients to solve on their own as there is typically not a clear-cut, direct route to resolution and necessitates a thorough understanding of both infrastructure and equipment. Continue reading →

AEC Next Article: “Could Blockchain be the Missing Link for the AEC / Built World Industry?”

Tony Sabat, BIM / CAD Technical Specialist at SSOE, examines whether blockchain is just hype or something more in this AEC Next article. As the industry prepares for a boom in disruption and innovation, the term blockchain—described in the article as an “open distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way”—comes up repeatedly. With transparency built into the technology, Tony explores what blockchain could mean to the AEC industry and built world. Continue reading →

Area Development Article: “Due Diligence: Thoroughly Investigating the Technical Aspects of a Site”

Alexandra Segers, Dip.-Ing, Program Manager and International Senior Account Executive at SSOE Group and General Manager of the firm’s Southeast U.S. operations, shares her advice for establishing the suitability of a site in this Area Development article. Evaluating a site with a comprehensive due diligence process that includes adequate research and planning is key to avoiding issues in the design and construction phases. With a lot at stake when selecting a site for a new facility, enlisting the help of an expert to ensure the appropriate studies of the site location and its environment are conducted is the safest bet. Continue reading →

Business Alabama Magazine Article: “5 Major Suppliers Announce Alabama Plants in 2017”

Alexandra Segers, Dip.-Ing, Program Manager and International Senior Account Executive at SSOE Group and General Manager of the firm’s Southeast U.S. operations, was recently featured in Business Alabama Magazine. The article highlights her recent work with BOCAR, a German-owned Tier 1 automotive supplier that enlisted her site selection expertise for the company’s new $115 million, 72-acre site in Huntsville, Alabama. Continue reading →

IMPO Magazine Article: “Effective Preventative Maintenance Plans Begin With ‘Where Are We Now?'”

Corey Zachel, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Section Manager and Senior Associate at SSOE Group, recently highlighted the importance of proactively coordinating manufacturing equipment maintenance schedules in this IMPO Magazine article. Corey suggests pulling in experts to avoid guesswork and rework—and rather than waiting for a breakdown, figure out what’s needed to keep equipment running without a hitch to avoid problems altogether. Through various examples from out in the field, he shares how regular evaluations and preventive maintenance could have helped avoid costly disruptions to production and multiple headaches along the way. Continue reading →

ENR Article: “The Top 500 Design Firms: Worry Despite Strong Markets”

vince-dipofi_150Vince DiPofi, PE, Chief Operating Officer at SSOE, was featured in ENR’s May 2018 cover story, “The Top 500 Design Firms: Worry Despite Strong Markets”. From construction tariffs to talent acquisition, the article highlights some of the concerns surrounding the industry, despite its predicted continual growth. Vince’s commentary focuses on the impact of generative design and its ability to help architects and engineers deliver better solutions to clients. Continue reading →