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Additional Data Center Project Experience


dataexp1Blue Cross/Blue Shield Alabama, Hoover, Alabama
Data center assessment, equipment mapping, process evaluation, and thermal modeling for three operational data centers equating to 10,000 SF.

CNSE Main Computer Room, SUNY Albany, Nanofab North, Albany, New York
Design and construction services for expansion of an existing computer room. Work included new raised floor system, HVAC hot aisle / cold aisle design for servers, dual cooling CHW/DX computer air conditioning units, new UPS system, high-efficiency LED lighting, Pre-Action fire protection system, VESDA early warning fire detection, and data cable management design.

dataexp2New Data Center, Confidential Client, Des Moines Iowa
Design project management for three new server rooms and adjacent electrical rooms totaling 14.4 MW of power and 110,000 SF. Design included 2 MDF rooms, along with cabling. Scope of services included working with AHJ to secure permitting and revision to air quality permit for site.

Preliminary Concept Report, Confidential Client, Multiple Sites
Design concept update for multiple data centers to be located on one of two sites. Effort included developing multiple modular designs for phased construction, equipment lists, and one-line diagrams.

Facility Assessment Report, Confidential Client, Houston, Texas
Performed facility assessment on large oil and gas company data center after weather event caused unexpected shutdown. Scope of work was to assess status of existing data center and feasibility of bringing the existing facility into compliance with agreed-to contracted level of service.

ISSC World Class Computer Room, IBM Corporation, Poughkeepsie, New York
HVAC design for 50,000 SF raised floor computer room, including chilled water piping, HVAC, temporary CHW connection piping for temporary trailer-mounted chiller, and emergency power generator. Provided design development, system analysis, calculations, and equipment selection.

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