SSOE Group

Project Profile: Energy Assessment

Value Promise: Client received 50 recommendations to reduce energy use.

SSOE completed Phase 1 of an energy assessment for two of Marathon’s asphalt terminals. Marathon’s intention was to implement the lessons learned from these two terminals at other terminals without requiring in-depth analysis at each terminal.

SSOE evaluated every energy stream at each terminal, including electricity, hot oil, compressed air, and process equipment. Between the two terminals, our team made approximately 50 recommendations to reduce energy use. Many of the recommendations were based upon maintenance issues, while some emphasized the automatic control of systems. SSOE also suggested Marathon establish a metric to quickly evaluate the energy effectiveness of any terminal.

  • Client: Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Location: North Bend and Cleveland, Ohio
  • Highlights:
    • Two terminals
    • Evaluated all energy streams
    • Applied by client to 18 other terminals

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