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Project Profile: SGP Skid Support

Value Promise: SSOE used lessons learned from similar projects to complete the project with ease and on time.

SSOE provided front-end engineering for the development of a four Tonne SGP skid. The front-end effort was approximately 900 hours of engineering and 3D model design. The 3D model included arrangement options to optimize footprint, operablility, and maintainability of product changeover losses.

Once design was approved, SSOE oversaw 3D detailed coordination between a Chinese contractor and the client for equipment selection. SSOE continued to support the project after designs were turned over with process support, sanitary design, and the continuing focus of accessibility of components, maintainability, and operability.

SSOE was awarded the project due to their prior experience working with the client on a sustainable design skid, that was never completed, and a one-Tonne Bond SGP program that was completed for the client in Puerto Rico. By drawing on past experiences SSOE was able overcome obstacles associated with this project.

  • Client: Consumer Products Client
  • Location: Baddi, India
  • Highlights:
    • Provided a process safety study
    • Provided on-site engineering resources
    • SGPs met "best-in-class" global design standards

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