SSOE Group
We invest time and resources in advanced technology because of the many advantages the latest software offers clients.

Early on we realized the potential of 3D machine design and building information modeling (BIM) to make the process of going from concept to finished project more streamlined, accurate, and cost effective. These powerful tools allow complex designs to be developed, visualized in 3D, and “built” in the computer.

With 3D machine design, we design and test the machine virtually. Using a 3D printer, we can also “print” individual components into a low-cost resin replica that can be tested in an existing machine on the production line. This allows us to identify necessary modifications prior to actual fabrication of the part.

Through the use of BIM, we are able to modify or reconfigure the design of a process or facility virtually, before it is constructed. And when changes are made to one part of the design, all the related changes occur automatically. Imagine how useful it is to evaluate multiple options for retrofitting a manufacturing facility by manipulating the layout of the process on a computer screen. Using BIM, SSOE professionals can attach layers of information to any object they include in the plan. This might include part numbers, date of installation, maintenance information and so much more—an incredible boon to facility management tasks.

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