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A cure for insecurity: turning over responsibility for your data, fire, and security needs to our in-house experts will give peace of mind knowing your assets are well protected.

At SSOE, all data and fire alarm design / integration services are provided in-house. Acting as a single-source designer not only saves you time and trouble, but reduces your overall project cost. Our certified NICET and RCDD designers are experienced and keep updated on every aspect of security, communications, fire alarm, and low-voltage systems projects—from design to installation. In fact, our designers are frequently involved in product development for major vendors. Because we are independent of any equipment supplier, we recommend the best equipment for your needs without bias and we can upgrade, modify, or add to systems others view as proprietary. We specify eco-friendly, recyclable equipment whenever possible, as well as low power-consuming equipment that can reduce harmful power plant emissions. Given our experience with a wide range of systems and advanced technology, we are able to integrate multiple systems for seamless functionality.

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Our comprehensive approach to data and voice services

Our solutions will be specific to your organization’s data needs, business operations, and the “givens” of your current system. Because power needs and energy usage are critical issues for data centers, we analyze energy consumption and HVAC requirements to develop strategies for power reduction. Our analysis and engineering designs include metropolitan and wide area networks to provide rapid communications among all your facilities. We design disaster prevention and recovery solutions into our systems to protect your data and ensure your continued access to it.

Project types

  • Broadband wireless distribution
  • Cabling asset tracking
  • Cell phone coverage extenders
  • Data Antennae Systems (DAS)
  • Data and communications networks
  • Data center and server room design, planning, and HVAC systems
  • Internet protocol television (IPTV) systems
  • Local area network (LAN), metropolitan area network (MAN), and wide area network (WAN) connectivity
  • Telephone: traditional private branch exchange (PBX), voice over IP (VoIP), wireless,
    and personal communications
  • Two-way radio, analog, digital, and encrypted

Our Fire Systems deliver peace of mind

Whether a new installation or a retrofit, our system designs incorporate knowledge of technology and in-depth operations. Our clients are not locked into a single solution. We integrate advanced smoke, heat, and gas-detection technologies into fire alarm system design for faster detection of fires. Knowing the advantages of converged systems, we design headends that monitor fire, access control, and security systems and output this information to production and building management systems. The result is a system that is easier to operate, faster to train, and costs less.

Project types

  • Fire alarm
  • Fire alarm inspections and assessments
  • Fire suppression
  • Gas detection and monitoring
  • Insurance and code compliance evaluation and testing
  • Intercom and paging
  • Mass notification

Security solutions for any facility type

We design command and control centers that offer critical advantages: reduction of costs through consolidation of operations; centralized dispatch of roaming security personnel; and use of technology to enhance local and remote monitoring. Our security designers and engineers work closely with architects to ensure the facility will be aesthetically pleasing in addition to meeting your security needs.

Project types

  • Access control
  • Asset tracking
  • Duress alarm, scream detection
  • Interior and exterior security
  • Video analytics
  • Video surveillance
  • Virtual fencing
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