SSOE Group
Alternative fuels, more energy efficient facilities, or operations. No matter where your energy saving opportunities exist, we will help create the big picture and implement the details.

SSOE has been helping its clients determine how to save energy on manufacturing plants, R&D facilities, government facilities, hospitals, schools—almost every building type. Our energy consulting team helps clients assess, plan, and execute a wide range of “green” initiatives—from “5,000 feet-up” strategies such as energy and sustainability master planning and LEED® certification to more immediate results through energy audits or by analyzing clients’ utility rates. Our energy consulting team consists of a broad spectrum of experts in alternative energy, the environment, power, process, and LEED. This makes us unique in offering a holistic approach to renewable energy, conservation, and sustainable design. We are also able to recognize opportunities for energy efficiency that more narrowly focused resources could overlook.

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