SSOE Group
Education | Environment | Diversity | Community

We believe in sharing the advantages of our success in the communities in which we work through programs, volunteering, financial support, and donations.

We’ve set up programs that support education and promote diversity. We sponsor initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and we work to better the lives of low-income individuals and families in SSOE communities. Through small individual efforts, and more extensive on-going programs, the people of SSOE are generously making their mark.

Statement of policy

All charitable donations must reflect the corporate goals in one or more of the following:

  • Education: support math, sciences, architecture, and engineering.
  • Environment: promote environmental education, alternative energy, energy conservation, and environmental conservation.
  • Diversity: encourage diversity initiatives.
  • Community: improve the standard of living for low-income individuals and families in SSOE communities.
  • Other: relief for natural or national disasters to be supported with Management Team discretion.

Types of contributions

Monetary donations, volunteerism, pro bono work, and use of our property / facility may be made to eligible organizations. Used equipment donations of salvage and surplus items, may be made to civic or charitable organizations (handled through our employee club). SSOE is a major supporter of The United Way through both corporate and employee donations. Any charities receiving funding from the United Way will not be eligible for additional donations from SSOE.

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