Furnace Upgrade and Increased Glass Bottle Production

Reduced furnace emissions by converting to oxy-fuel.

When a glass bottle manufacturer wanted to upgrade its furnace and get ahead of potential EPA emissions mandates, it turned to SSOE to define the detailed engineering and construction requirements for the project.

The client had conducted an initial assessment on its own, but wanted to confirm it had considered all aspects of the expansion of its processing facility. They needed to present their stakeholders with accurate estimates for funding approval of the furnace modification. Noting that the EPA was intending to mandate new emissions regulations, the client also wanted to upgrade to a system with lower emissions. As a result, SSOE provided the detailed engineering and construction requirements to convert the furnace to oxy-fuel. After conducting an assessment and outlining the scope of work involved to improve the furnace system, SSOE provided preliminary costs for engineering and construction, as well as procurement of all necessary equipment.

During the planning process, SSOE needed to consider several issues including the relocation of fire lines and a water shed that could not be infringed upon. We also recommended a new electrical power substation for the upgraded oxygen furnace.