Site Evaluation for an Automotive Assembly Plant

Within 36 hours, SSOE arranged and obtained aerial photography of an alternate project site.

In addition to designing this greenfield truck assembly plant, SSOE also provided site evaluation services for the 2,000 acre site. The project required a high level of confidentiality throughout the entire site evaluation process and SSOE worked with state and local economic development authorities to locate the potential properties for analysis.

Site services included evaluating topography, climatic conditions, severe weather potential, transportation, soils, hydrological, electric service, gas service, water service, wastewater treatment service, and rail service at various locations in multiple states in the central and South Central United States. SSOE evaluated project sites ranging from 1,800 acres to 2,300 acres. Site observation visits were performed on the preferred geographic locations. A site report was prepared along with supporting documentation for each site. To provide a ranking of each location, a summary matrix of critical attributes was presented to Toyota electronically for use by top management.

Utilizing 3D MicroStation design platform, SSOE electronically produced the architectural rendering for ground breaking announcements, press releases, and public relations purposes. Toyota also requested an additional site evaluation in a neighboring state and within 36 hours, a helicopter was dispatched and obtained digital video of the site fully annotated showing key site features.