Indoor Distributed Antenna System Installation

When Miami University needed assistance with an indoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to support data needs, the SSOE team responded with unique design solutions. SSOE gained familiarity with the campus and its many unique architectural elements while consulting on outdoor DAS facilities. Now, the team needed to provide high data throughput within the buildings themselves.

Placing antennas in the many iconic spaces on campus provided a challenge to which SSOE’s team was able to meet with imaginative stealth designs allowing inconspicuous antennas where a stronger signal was needed. Photo renderings were created to ensure University aesthetics were a priority. Upon completion, students will have seamless coverage with high data rates throughout the entire campus.

Close collaboration between SSOE and the University ensured all work could be completed in short breaks between semesters—requiring a high degree of communication and coordination before and during construction. SSOE has professionals ready to be on-site within hours as required to achieve this. With disciplines ranging from architectural to structural on hand, SSOE is able to respond to any challenge from stealth antennas to cable routing without the need for outside resources or consulting.