SSOE Group
Our experience in other highly regulated markets enables SSOE to develop unconventional solutions and to identify opportunities for technology transfer that would be out of reach for other EPCM firms.

We bring to each project a depth of experience, thorough knowledge of FDA compliance issues, and best practices in other highly regulated industries. Our end-to-end manufacturing capabilities include such specialties as process and control engineering, packaging, qualified utilities, CIP, and barrier isolation.

Our utilization of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) for project execution transforms the sequential and separate work processes of designing, constructing, commissioning, and operating a facility into a concurrent, collaborative process. The result is schedule compression, reduction of the overall project cost, and improved quality.

From master planning of your manufacturing or R&D campus, to the critical details associated with compliance, our level of performance will be an asset to your business anywhere in the world.

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