SSOE Group
Our experience includes all aspects of plant development for nearly every major glass manufacturer. It is our springboard to discover solutions that create the greatest value for our clients.

We promise to save you time, trouble, and money. And we can make this promise because we’ve achieved savings on project after project — hundreds of projects in the last 5 years alone. Our experience spans decades and locales, working with every major glass manufacturer on every aspect of plant development in over 10 countries.

SSOE has worked extensively in many diverse industries, and we apply this broad knowledge to come up with the best options for clients that manufacture containers, specialty glass, fiberglass, float glass, and roofing. You have the option of engaging us for EPCM where start to finished project integration leads to greater efficiency and fewer headaches. We specialize in sustainable buildings and processes that reduce your energy consumption and environmental impact. In fact, we’ve performed complete process engineering for the only LEED® Gold certified insulation facility in the United States.

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