Prolonged Screen Time Hazards & How to Mitigate Them

All around the world the use of technology (specifically that which involves screens) is increasing both at work and home. Screens are a part of everyone’s life these days, but prolonged screen time can have some unwanted effects. Let's take a look at some potential negative effects of prolonged screen time and how to mitigate them. Continue Reading →

Reducing the Stress at Work

Reduce stress when working from home by stepping away from what you are doing from time to time. You don’t need to be tied to your computer. Sure, we need to get our work finished and it is important, but it doesn’t have to cause you grief either. Mix it up a bit, move around, stand up, reposition, move to another location, do a quick exercise, or even work from the back patio. Whatever you can do to keep engaged in your work, break up the stress, and minimize the monotony. Continue Reading →

Ergonomics at Home

Working from home can have a lot of benefits like not having to sit in traffic and having more time to spend with loved ones. It can also create challenges as well. As you are working from home ask yourself: Is your work area safe and ergonomic? How do you keep from getting distracted? It may be time for an adjustment if you have noticed any new pain or discomfort. Continue Reading →

Before You Dig

Are you getting ready to take on some construction work around the house? Building a deck? Installing a fence? New mailbox? Even a simple job like planting a tree in your yard can jeopardize your safety. Many energized power and utility lines are buried just a few feet under the ground. Digging, trenching, or excavating without knowing where the utility lines are buried could be costly - and fatal. Continue Reading →

Digging In for Trenching and Excavating

A trench is a cut in the surface of the earth that is deeper than it is wide. Excavation is the removal of material on the surface of the earth where the width is greater than the depth. OSHA reference 29CFR1926.650. Continue Reading →

What’s Possibly Exposing You

SSOE, like most workplaces, takes pride in providing a safe place to work for all of its employees. A safe workplace includes designing, implementing, and maintaining safe facilities, accomplished by engineering and administrative controls. This includes job sites that our employees visit and work, and in our offices. Common things that we come in contact with could be hazardous to our employees and others. Safety hazards are unsafe working conditions that can cause injury, illness, and even possibly death. Some examples are falls, electrocutions, housekeeping issues, and even chemical exposures. Continue Reading →