• Increased perimeter protection with new gates, roadway entrances, access control, and CCTV systems
  • Temporary egress planning for more than 6,000 shift workers
  • Functioned as liasion between vendors and contractors
  • Building additions / renovation and construction sequencing
  • ADA compliance
Anna, Marysville, and East Liberty, Ohio

Advance planning with building code officials and utilizing standardized building entrance design reduced engineering costs by $50,000 and saved 8 weeks in the design process.

Having previously provided master planning and design services for three of Honda’s U.S. facilities, SSOE was called upon again to rework its security measures at these three campuses. SSOE provided full service building design as well as communication and security engineering to increase security measures at the campuses over a three year period.

SSOE’s scope included renovation of central security areas, entrance and guardhouse modifications to support employee / visitor access control systems, and integration of campus wide IP video systems, parking lot emergency notification systems, and facial recognition systems through CCTV analytics. All systems were engineered for both local and remote control, monitoring, and reporting.

Recognizing that the upgrades would impact all aspects of Honda operations, including employee traffic during shift changes, SSOE worked closely with Honda personnel, security, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) to pre-plan construction sequencing, pre-approve plans for temporary egress routes, and ensure ADA compliance and general code related safety requirements. To minimize construction impact on Honda’s operations and maintain its brand integrity, SSOE standardized the equipment and entrance design across all three campuses. The team also utilized lessons learned to reduce engineering costs and construction time.