• GMP compliant warehouse
  • DEA Class II vault design
  • Stand-alone utility building
  • Condensed schedule
  • Design-build methodology
40,000 SF
South USA

When this pharmaceutical manufacturing client wanted to expand their warehouse to house pharmaceutical finished products, SSOE had the expertise needed to lead the project as well as an understanding of the client’s expectations through an existing relationship.

The warehouse incorporated an integral 11,000 SF secure storage vault and a new utility building to accommodate two, 400-ton chillers. Storage vaults are typically constructed as prefabricated units and field assembled in place; however this type of vault was exceptionally large and required an alternative method. Working as a team, we were able to provide a solution, which not only met their needs, but also provided an overall cost-savings when compared to the prefabricated method.

SSOE was also responsible for the specification and layout of all storage and racking equipment. We worked closely with the client to create a plan that not only accommodated the required quantities of pallet spaces, but created an efficient material flow.