India Technical Center

General Motors Corporation

  • Master planning
  • Multiple secured spaces
  • Site analysis
  • Sustainable design
  • Test facility

Bangalore, India

By understanding the interrelationships of different user groups of GM from previous projects, SSOE was able to minimize the building footprint by creating common spaces for each group. This will reduce initial facility fee and annual operating cost.

To support local demand for vehicles, General Motors called upon SSOE to assist with a conceptual design and site analysis for their first technical center in India.

The conceptual design was a representation of local architecture while being conducive to a state-of-the-art technical center. Multiple security measures were put into place including multiple access points for both external and internal use from different levels of personnel. These highly secured spaces could only be accessed by specific groups and prevented visualization from inside and outside of the facility.

Two sites were considered for the project: a new, greenfield airport site and a vacant, brownfield winery. With SSOE’s long-standing relationship with General Motors and experience in design technical centers, SSOE was able to understand specific requirements of the client and how surrounding environments will impact the equipment. Vibration, sound isolation, radio interference, reliable and available electric power, and security were taken into consideration while selecting a suitable site.

From previous experiences with international automotive technical centers, including General Motors, SSOE has a firm grasp on acquiring a reliable high-level power source to the facility in an area where one may not be readily available.

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