Distiller Magazine Article: “Optimize Project Cost with Foresight”

Insights into Planning Your Next Distillery Project

Joe Badalamenti, PE, PMP, Senior Account Executive at SSOE, takes readers through the front-end loading (FEL) process in this Distiller Magazine article. In the current market, distilleries are consistently challenged to plan new facilities and upgrade existing ones, and using a team led by seasoned professionals to employ FEL can make all the difference in terms of maintaining the budget, scope, and schedule. In this article, Joe draws out the benefits of FEL stage by stage—and the proof is in the results.

By planning upfront, the team is able to make informed decisions on project viability, while avoiding issues downstream. FEL optimizes each component of a project with a structured approach, often producing an overflow of savings and a lack of surprises. With more than 30 years of experience, Joe specializes in food and beverage projects and is a leader in quality process design.

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