Food Engineering Magazine Article: “39th Annual Plant Construction Survey: Projects Peak as Consumer Demands Grow”

Joe Badalamenti, PE, PMP, Business Development Executive at SSOE, was recently featured in this article in Food Engineering Magazine. Joe and other AEC experts weigh in on what’s trending in the food and beverage industry. Based on the publication’s annual survey, the industry has seen a peak in the number of construction projects recorded in 2015 — the highest number in the last 10 years. The driver? Food safety.

The survey numbers show that new customer demands—such as organics, non-GMOs, and gluten-free products—are causing the push in projects. To meet these growing demands, many manufacturers are shifting to automation and renovating their facilities to make a better, safer product. Badalamenti, with over 30 years of industry experience, has a long history of working with food clients to design processing systems, plant layouts, and utilities.

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