Safety Commitment

Are you a gambler?  Are you willing to risk it all?
What happens when we “knowingly” commit an unsafe act or risky behavior?  Ask yourself – Who loses the most?  Who is affected by YOUR actions?

No matter if the risky behavior is on the job, at home or even on vacation, the consequences can be the same.  The personal injury, financial burden, business impact, tarnished image and even death are all a reality when we are unsafe.  With all this in mind, people need to make a decision that can lower and hopefully remove unsafe situations and bad behaviors.

The Weekly Safety Tips are one tool to help you learn about what can cause problems in your life.  Sometimes they fit and sometimes they don’t but when they don’t, should you just ignore it?  NO. We have an obligation to, not just protect ourselves but, protect others.  Maybe it is a coworker, a friend, a stranger or even a family member.

For Safety’s Sake – Do Something to prevent a bad situation from occurring! 

To learn more about safety training, safety knowledge, or safety issues please visit:
Safety Council of Northwest Ohio at
National Safety Council website at

Make a commitment today.