SEE Something, SAY Something, SAVE Someone

Everyone has been involved in a safety issue at one time or another at work or on a project. How many times was the issue due to an accident? How many violations were revealed during an OSHA inspection? What about your company’s internal safety audit, what did it find? Did you see someone else at fault or maybe yourself at fault? Is a fellow worker in danger? What is the one thing in common in all of these questions? PEOPLE.

People are the biggest reason that accidents occur. People are the reason companies are cited by OSHA. Sometimes we cause more harm than we do good. We are all too willing to take a risk for our job. It seems like an innocent thing. It’s only going to last a second; it had to be done. That’s how it all starts. PEOPLE. Many are willing to accept the consequences which they put themselves into – a dangerous situation. How can you help? A good old-fashioned INTERVENTION! Say something to them! Stop the risk!

If we were more willing to get involved and to intervene with a person performing an unsafe act, maybe we could make a difference. Maybe we could STOP an accident from occurring or STOP the employer from receiving a citation. We could even correct an unsafe behavior. Simply by SAYING SOMETHING, you can make a difference! Why does a company or even an individual choose to not get involved? Sadly, confrontations have resulted because a company or person got involved. Ironically, we all are involved simply because many of the companies we work with are held to contracts or job site requirements. What will you do about it?

If you SEE a safety hazard, you have an obligation to point it out to that person. Maybe they are not aware of the hazards around them or they don’t understand the requirements. Be aware of your surroundings and always be on the lookout for hazardous situations.

Next, SAY something to that person, but remember the approach is everything. Your delivery of the message can result in either a positive or negative experience. Your job
is to sell that person on their safety. Use a calm voice, explain what is wrong, and guide them to safety. Convince them they are exposing themselves and possibly others to a
hazard. Show compassion for a fellow human being. Fortify the idea of all for one and one for all.

Lastly, we can SAVE someone from a bad situation by taking action. You would want someone to take action if it were your loved one, someone to save their life! We all have a choice to make. What we do with that choice can drastically affect the outcome. Our choice to get involved with safety should stem from a desire to do what is right. A
desire to SAVE a fellow human being! No matter what, do the right thing.

Safety Always!!

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