Stay Alert! Stay Alive!

I’ll bet your first thought is that this will be another safe driving tip! Well……..Yes and No!
In reality the “Stay Alert! Stay Alive” mantra should guide all our activities regardless if we are driving, working, or at home.

Driving: Statistics show that fully 80% of all crashes and 60% of near misses occur within 3 seconds of a distraction. Those distractions can include texting and cell phone use, eating, grooming, changing the radio or heater/AC controls, and even other passengers. Intoxicated / Impaired along with drowsy driving contribute to the distracted driving statistics. Can you really afford not to give your 100% undivided attention when behind the wheel? “Stay Alert! Stay Alive!”

Working: Always make a “Safe Plan of Action” for your work tasks to be sure you identify all the associated risks, and then take the steps necessary to eliminate those hazards. Potential hazards that are not obvious are often overlooked so be aware of your surrounding area and adjoining operations. Consider vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows. “Stay Alert! Stay Alive!”

Home: Everyone needs to know how to respond in case of fire, tornado, hurricane, flood, earthquake or other disasters that may strike while at home. Even if the TV and radio are turned off there are cell phone apps that will provide alerts to most natural disasters. While out shopping, be aware of your surroundings and be sure to park and walk in safe, well lit areas. “Stay Alert! Stay Alive!”


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