Wireless Design & Development Magazine Article: “Distributed Antenna Systems: Fundamentals and Who to Hire”

Evan Baker, Section Manager for SSOE’s multi-disciplined Data / Fire / Security Systems group, was recently published in Wireless Design & Development Magazine. Baker offers over ten years of wireless network and data communication expertise in this perceptive article on in-building infrastructures referred to as distributed antenna systems, or DAS. Although these systems offer improved reliability, they can be a challenge to map out and enable — which is why hiring right is so important. Baker shares his guidelines for choosing the right DAS contractor and “winning in the world of DAS.” Continue Reading →

Data Center Journal Article: “Case Study: Out-of-the-Box Reliability”

Evan Baker of SSOE Group was recently published in Data Center Journal. Baker, who currently manages the data / fire / security systems group at SSOE and brings over a decade of data center experience to the table, offers his data center reliability know-how in his article “Case Study: Out-of-the-Box Reliability.” Baker highlights three projects in three different market sectors for which SSOE provided data center design and connectivity services. One thing that was static among the differing projects was cost reduction as a result of improved reliability and functionality achieved by variation in data connectivity via integrated voice-data networks and new technologies. Continue Reading →

ARCHITECT Magazine Article: “Designing in a Cloud”

A roundup of tools and services that architects are using to break free from company servers and physical boundaries. Lauren Collier, Assoc. AIA, design technology section manager at SSOE Group, is featured in this article recently published in ARCHITECT Magazine. The article reviews recent industry trends related to cloud-based system use, going beyond file sharing and backup. Companies are beginning to incorporate the cloud into schematic design, project management, energy performance analysis, renderings, and other outsourced tasks. The cloud offers adept speed that releases us from our dependency on less-efficient company servers, and generating productive collaboration. Continue Reading →

Chemical Processing Magazine Article: “Learn from the West Fertilizer Plant Explosion”

Third party assessments can provide crucial insights. Peter Wilmarth, RA, an architect at SSOE Group with over 35 years of experience, offers his thoughts as to how those of us in the chemical industry can gain insight from the West Fertilizer plant explosion in his recent Chemical Processing Magazine publication. The tragic blast occurred in 2013 in West, Texas — killing 15 people and injuring over 160 — and elevated the issue of safety in relation to hazardous industrial processes. Continue Reading →

Food Engineering Magazine Article: “Semper Paratus! Food Defense Depends on It”

Food Engineering Magazine’s May 2014 issue features an article on the potential risks in the food industry for tampering and how to prepare / prevent incidents from occurring. Within, security experts from SSOE and two other corporations provide insight on the most effective tools to ensure food manufacturers are always prepared and equipped with the proper security measures for their facility. Continue Reading →

Wireless Design & Development Magazine Article: “Wireless Communication and DAS Transmission Changes Higher Education and Healthcare Environments”

The worlds of higher education and healthcare are approaching a fundamental change via wireless communication.  The advent of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is facilitating a new, interconnected campus that will allow students and faculty, patients and medical professionals, first responders as well as facility managers, greater ability to monitor and control the environments where they live, study, work, and heal. Data / Fire / Security Specialist, Jim Otte, NICET IV, discusses the important role DAS plays in facilitating changes in higher education and healthcare environments in this article featured in Wireless Design and Development Magazine. Continue Reading →