A Number of Ways SSOE Is Growing

SSOE is growing as the result of a strategic effort to improve the level of service we offer you. Our growth is deliberate. Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case it is. We are building our network of experts, expanding our geographic reach, and growing the technological tools we have at our disposal.

The evidence? According to Engineering News Record magazine, SSOE is one of the fastest growing design firms in terms of revenue. In fact, our revenue is up by 20% in the last 12 months alone. It doesn’t stop there; in that same period, we added 5 new locations across the country to our 10 existing worldwide locations (read more about our new locations in the next story). We also ensured that our technology is growing along with us by using cutting edge tools to get your projects done more quickly, more cost-effectively, and more accurately (see page 5 for details). To make sure we have the bench strength and expertise you deserve, we increased our staff by more than 35% in the past 3 years

A Number of Ways SSOE is Growing
  • The cell phone market offers a glimpse into the challenges of tapping the increased buying power of China.
  • Due to strong brand recognition and established product lines, global companies such as Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung held about 90% of the cell phone market in China in 2000. However, as use of cell phones grew, the global brands were not as effective at advertising and supplying in rural areas. By 2004, domestic firms had gained about half the market.
  • The shift was temporary, however. Focusing on high performance and multiple function models (such as phones with cameras and MP3 players), multinational brands regained market share and now account for about 70% of cell phone sales.
  • source: “The People’s Republic of China: A Fragmented Landscape” published by: Research International.