A Piece of the Pie = Peace of Mind

In addition to adding to our capabilities with nationally recognized talent such as Ed Royzman, we are also taking significant strides to maintain the experts we already have. SSOE understands we’ll only experience continued growth by nurturing and adding to the brightest professionals in the industry. To ensure we’re retaining the best, SSOE is expanding the reach of our ownership structure. This structure will add seven principals (see sidebar for a list of our new principals) and give more than 15% of our regular, full-time employees a chance to own a piece of the pie.

As a result, SSOE’s owners are more diverse and energetic than ever before. This structure directly rewards and motivates improved performance. It also builds consistency into the teams you’re working with, which in turn provides peace of mind. Consistency also gives us a chance to develop an intimate knowledge of your company and more deeply understand what drives your business. Peace of mind, knowledge, and familiarity are more than just components of our relationships; they are services we provide as you enter the uncharted territory of new markets.