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SSOE Adds Fourth Ohio Office

The opening of our new Columbus, Ohio office brings the total of SSOE locations to 19. Under the leadership of Scott Hathaway, we plan to grow this location to serve many of SSOE’s markets and key clients.

Our tremendous growth—we’ve doubled our revenue and staff since 2004—is due to many factors. One key fact is that we’ve built a solid reputation among clients in the nation’s fast-growing markets: healthcare, alternative energy, science and technology, and retail.

Telling Fact from Fiction in Healthcare Design

SSOE will be presenting Urban Legends of Healthcare Design on Tuesday, March 10 from 9:30 am to 10:45 am at the 2009 International Conference and Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design, and ConstructionTM (PDC), in Phoenix, Arizona.

SSOE will take a close look at several popular design strategies and the clinical motivations that lead to their use. Citing specific case study examples, he’ll present research evidence to support, or debunk, the myth on which the design intention is based. He’ll distinguish between design fact and design fiction, and discuss just exactly where, when and HOW design makes the critical difference.

You can register for the conference online at