Infographic: The Impact of BIM

BIM is a fundamental ingredient of VDC at SSOE.

In 2015, Dodge Data & Analytics released a SmartMarket Report, “Measuring the Impact of BIM on Complex Buildings” focused on quantifying how BIM is contributing to improved outcomes in the stages of design and construction for complex buildings. In order to quantify, Dodge  performed an online survey of 391 owners, architects, and contractors who indicated that their company uses BIM and that they had a moderate or higher level of knowledge about the use of BIM at their company.

We created an infographic that boils down a few key findings from this report on the positive impacts of BIM, top project outcomes expected to have the greatest impact in the next 5 years, and obstacles preventing organizations from achieving greater efficiency through BIM. You’ll also find a few SSOE-specific stats on the impact we’ve seen from VDC in our organization.

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This infographic is used with permission from Dodge Data & Analytics. Click the image to view the infographic as a PDF and/or click here to view the full report from Dodge Data & Analytics.