SSOE Group Acquires Orbital Technical Solutions

SSOE Group recently acquired Orbital Technical Solutions (OTS). OTS is widely known for its work in the power industry, with expertise in biomass, landfill gas, and waste energy projects.Tony Damon, CEO of SSOE, describes the acquisition as further evidence of the company’s growth in the power industry. “OTS will help us expand our capabilities in the power market. We are confident that the synergy this acquisition brings to SSOE will reap great benefits for SSOE’s and OTS’s clients.”

SSOE is ranked second among Industrial Design firms (Building Design + Construction, 2009). The acquisition allows SSOE to provide more robust in-house expertise to current power industry clients such as American Municipal Power and its 129 municipal utility members, resulting in increased technical resources and services. “The OTS team brings depth of knowledge in the examination of the economics and life cycle costs of traditional and renewable energy options,” Damon noted. This analysis is applicable to power generation for utility clients, permitting for traditional and renewable fuel boilers, high voltage substation and transmission design systems, industrial and university-sized boilers, as well as chilled water and utility infrastructure systems. OTS is part of SSOE’s industrial group. Ron Lutwen, a 26-year veteran of OTS, is leading the daily operations of the group.