SSOE on China

While China offers many opportunities for foreign enterprise, the road to success is lined with many potential pitfalls for a business making its first move into China. Here are some tips to make the most of your experience in China.

Building a facility in China? Some pitfalls to avoid …

1. Unrealistic cost and schedule estimates from those trying to attract your business.

2. Inaccurate information on infrastructure quality and availability of utilities, steam, telecommunications, roads, and public transportation.

3. Extensive licensing and permitting requirements, particularly outside major cities.

4. Pressure from the government to develop the West.

5. Claims by development zones that their existing “relationships” can provide full-service capabilities to plan, design, and construct facilities.

6. The claim that there is no need for foreign engineering and construction services.

Check with unbiased sources – the USCBC, the American Chamber, Foreign Commercial Service, and American consultants with offices in China – to validate the information provided by officials, development zones, and design institutes.