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VDC Steel

Structural steel is often critical to both the timeline and budget of a project. It is also an area in which SSOE has set itself apart through a well-defined VDC execution strategy. In fact, the modeling to detailing capabilities of VDC Steel, along with some of the piping detailing we are performing, were recently identified by a contracting partner as one of SSOE’s main differentiators from our competition. With this perspective, let’s take a quick look at what VDC Steel entails.

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The icing on the cake: almost $20 million in documented savings

In the AEC industry, when a client asks for a project to be completed “faster, better, and cheaper,” chances are they will be told that two out of three is about as good as it gets. Thanks to technology, integrated delivery methods, and an exceptional team effort, SSOE raised the bar and delivered on all counts on a recent project for a global leader in the food industry.

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SSOE conducts search for new Polaris plant location

Huntsville’s Mayor, Tommy Battle, jokingly suggested it was a plate of exceptional barbecue ribs that clinched the high-stakes deal. SSOE’s Alexandra Segers stands by the full story.

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Food Engineering Magazine Article: “Stop the leaks before they stop your business”

leaking water from blue pipeJames Yerke, PE, CEM, Section Manager and Senior Associate at SSOE Group, was featured in this Food Engineering Magazine article that discusses inefficiency and loss/costs caused by physical leaks within a facility, namely air and water, and different tools available to find them and fix them. Leak problems will exacerbate further as time goes on, increasing costs if not corrected. When it comes to leaks, it’s in your best interest to dig into the issue before the issue digs into your bottom line.

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Saving Time, Trouble, & Money with VDC

Let’s take a quick look on how VDC can impact design fees, overall project cost, and schedule.

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RCR Wireless News Article: “Insights for Holistic Auditing”

White Floyd_150x150Auditing savvy: an insightful, holistic approach will net an insightful, holistic audit.

Floyd White, PE, Project Manager and Senior Electrical Engineer at SSOE Group, wrote this resourceful article for RCR Wireless News offering readers clear-cut direction for improving tower site and shelter audits. With over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, White shares his auditing insight and expert recommendations sure to lead you to your most quality audit to date.

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