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Four Fundamental Enablers of VDC

Essential elements to have in place for truly successful implementation of VDC project delivery.

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New Equipment Digest Article: “Walking a High Tech Tightrope”

Kaleta-Gavin_150x150Gavin Kaleta, PE, LEED AP BD+C, mechanical engineer at SSOE, recently authored an article in New Equipment Digest discussing the benefits of zero unplanned downtime, or ZUD, and how it increased the success of a high-stakes semiconductor research fabrication facility (fab) project. By forecasting and planning for the challenges in construction execution — and because of our design team’s experience in advanced technology and complex projects — SSOE was able to avoid unplanned downtime, which can lead to very costly repercussions, especially as it relates to critical chip development. Kaleta details how to build the best team possible for a high-pressure facility renovation. Continue reading →

Area Development Magazine Article: “International Location Report: Site Selection in the Auto Industry — A Move to Mexico?”

Alexandra Segers, Dipl.-Ing, PE, MS, General Manager of SSOE’s Southeast U.S. operations, was recently published in Area Development Magazine discussing the worldwide trend of OEMs—and subsequently suppliers—moving operations to Mexico. With this number growing every day, Segers reminds readers the Southeast U.S. is still a viable, competitive option for automotive parts production. Continue reading →

Building Design + Construction Magazine Article: “Managing Risks with Laser Scanning Gives AEC Firms an Edge”

labell150x150Mark LaBell, BIM/CAD Technical Leader, was interviewed for this recent article on laser scanning featured in BD+C Magazine. Within, LaBell discusses SSOE’s rapid and wide-spread adoption of 3D laser scanning to capture existing conditions of facilities or sites and reviews the investments needed in not only software, hardware, and personnel training, but also third-party vendor relationships needed to fully support laser scanning data processing and modeling. Laser scanning is quickly becoming the go-to tool for reality capture—replacing the time consuming and less accurate method of manually recorded field measurements and ultimately creating an incredibly realistic and detailed 3D model. Continue reading →

VDC Project Delivery 101

An important part of VDC project execution is collaboration and interactive planning with the full project execution team, which is enhanced when all team members understand the roles and needs of the other stakeholders and their customers.

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Medical Construction & Design Magazine Article: “Virtual Design & Construction: Transforming the Operation of Healthcare Facilities”

John Gill, Director of VDC and Craig Pickerel, Architect and Section Manager take a look at how VDC has already transformed the way design and construction teams work together to develop new healthcare facilities—and where they see additional benefits in the future in Medical Construction & Design Magazine. The pair provides insight into specific ways VDC could enhance operations, maintenance, and management of a healthcare facility, improve the patient experience, and enhance staff efficiency and performance. Continue reading →