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Project Profile: New Specialty Chemical Plant

Value Promise: By having a strong understanding of the client's needs for their new plant, SSOE was able to eliminate over $12 million through value engineering and improved production throughout by 25% due to process innovations.

SSOE, the client’s engineering firm of choice, performed comprehensive services on this new specialty chemical plant that produces components of high-performance electronics. Based on SSOE’s impeccable past performance from both a technical and client service standpoint, the client engaged SSOE for civil, structural, architecture, project management, mechanical, chemical process, estimating, cost control, and procurement. The facility is comprised the following functions: administration, waste recycling, bulk storage, complex chemical production, and basic utilities.

SSOE’s modification of the client’s chemical process resulted in improved conversion efficiency. The percentage of recycled chemicals increased from 14% to 20% to reduce production costs. Through process innovations and refinements driven by SSOE, the client has been able to improve production throughput by 25%.

  • Client: Chemical Client
  • Size: 2,500 acres
  • Location: Confidential USA
  • Highlights:
    • Comprehensive process engineering, facilities design, procurement, and project management
    • Improved conversion efficiency
    • Facility supports advanced technology and high product standards

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