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VDC transforms the design through construction process, to create significant advantages for your completed project.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) represents a substantial evolution in how construction projects are delivered—and SSOE is a leader in its implementation. More than a new software application, VDC is a process and delivery approach that fully leverages the capabilities of multi-disciplinary models from design through construction. Much of BIM’s underutilized potential has been in the “I” (information) specifically, the ability to flow information throughout a project’s lifecycle. VDC capitalizes on that potential.

Traditional project delivery methods may allow each participant in your construction project—the designer, constructor, and fabricator—to apply the benefits of 3D / BIM to their specific aspect of the project. However, these methods do not leverage 3D / BIM models throughout the course of the project. For example, although designers can develop better designs with the clash detection feature of 3D, traditional project delivery contracts still output these designs to the contractor as 2D drawings. As a result, construction companies and fabricators are forced to create their own 3D models based on these 2D drawings. Consider the time, cost, and potential for error that could be reduced by using a single model.

VDC solves this problem, replacing inefficiency with integration. The benefits include schedule compression, higher quality design and construction, cost savings, and completed projects much more closely aligned with design intent. The need for separate as-built drawings is also eliminated with use of a VDC model because materials are procured, fabricated, and installed directly from the model.

The emergence of VDC may be the greatest change in AEC in a generation or more. Through VDC, SSOE has provided an infrastructure that removes the barriers and brings the full advantages of multi-disciplinary, collaborative BIM to your projects.

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