Getting it right from the start

“It’s a small world after all” is proving more and more true — except when selecting a site for a new location across the globe. When a company is faced with finding a site for a new facility thousands of miles and several cultures removed from “home,” the distance factor can seem insurmountable. SSOE’s site selection services neutralize the difficulties this challenge poses.

There is a lot at stake in selecting a site regardless of the distance (go to for our expert article) particularly because it is an irrevocable decision. Choosing the optimum site for your criteria can save you time, trouble, and money; a poor decision will waste all. Our site selection experts have helped companies in the chemical, food, consumer products, and automotive markets choose the best locations worldwide regardless of whether the site is hear one of our 25 locations.

Alexandra Segers, PE, MS, has led the site selection process for global giants expanding worldwide including Europe, Latin America, Asia, and North America. For many projects, site selection is the initial step in our integrated EPCM services. This approach allows you to complete a project with one team that works together to achieve your goals from beginning to completion.

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