Launch of New Blog Focused on Sustainability

SSOE Group recently announced the launch of our new sustainability blog. This blog provides expert views on sustainable practices and products from a variety of LEED Accredited Professionals serving various industries and representing numerous disciplines. Future entries will address a variety of topics ranging from the basics, to trends, tools, legislation, and much more.

A recent post on the blog site from Tony Damon, AIA, PS, LEED AP, Chief Executive Officer, who last year earned his LEED accreditation, states, “This blog will be another opportunity for us to share our knowledge and expertise to further the constantly evolving conversation of what it means to be ‘green.’ Our ‘sustainable’ perspective at SSOE tends to be fairly pragmatic. We have a LEED resume that we’re proud of, but some of our most sustainable work would never seek that recognition—things like helping an industrial client reclaim the heat that is lost in their process or a healthcare client select the right type of lighting to accommodate their needs and also save on their energy bill. The line between sustainability and simple best practices is becoming more blurred—which is probably a good thing. We hope our perspective on the front line of this evolving shift will be interesting even to those of you who might not be a traditional ‘environmentalist’.”

SSOE’s commitment to sustainability is nothing new, it can be seen in our growing number of LEED accredited professionals and sustainable projects in progress. SSOE also has a Sustainable and Renewable Solutions group that is solely dedicated to helping clients implement strategies that minimize energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. SSOE was also responsible for the design of the first Gold LEED certified central utility plant in the United States.

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