SSOE and China: Guiding You Through Uncharted Territory

Starting business operations in China involves navigating a complex process of bureaucratic requirements which are prevalent in emerging economies. Language barriers, remote locations with decision makers on several continents, cultural differences, and even time differences are bigger obstacles than most companies can navigate alone.

With that in mind, SSOE brought on-board Enzo Colonna, managing director of SSOE China, who has over 12 years of experience managing projects and operations in China. SSOE China combines our familiarity with the domestic U.S. market and the business conditions motivating you to move overseas, with our knowledge of how to do business in China. This makes your move to China possible quick, easy, and cost-effective.

From offices in both the U.S. and Shanghai our expertise leads you through the Chinese design and construction project delivery process, which is even more demanding than in the U.S. The Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) project delivery method is how 95% of projects are completed in international markets. SSOE China has established relationships—that means you don’t have to spend your time searching for and evaluating partners. We have the relationships, expertise and the systems all in place. That’s one stop shopping.

SSOE China’s two most recent projects are with Owens Corning and ITG-B. We are working with Owens Corning to complete the fit-up of two pilot production lines which will produce a new product known as “Long Fiber Thermo Plastic” (LFTP). The first plant will cover 20,000 sq. ft. SSOE China is providing EPCM services for demolition, special equipment foundations, plant floors, office/lab fit-ups, and utilities. Control design, construction and coordination with the production equipment vendors will come from Germany with assistance from Owens Corning for start-up. Owens Corning Project Manager, Shawn Kong, stated “SSOE-China was efficient in every aspect of the design process. Their understanding of how to execute projects in China was very valuable to us.”

The second project is a 180,000 sq. ft. grass roots facility for International Textile Group, Burlington Industries (ITG-B), ITG-B’s first venture into China. ITG-B, based in Greensboro, North Carolina, is the result of the merger of two past textile giants – Cone Mills, the number one denim producer in the world, and Burlington Industries, the number two world producer of fabrics for mattresses, car seats, furniture and home decorations. Robert Fariole, Director of ITG Services stated, “The SSOE China EPCM team has been very valuable in looking after the interests of ITG. The team has a great deal of knowledge and experience. They know who, what, where, and how to make things happen in China on construction projects. They have been an outstanding partner and resource on this project.”

As competitors in the international marketplace, you need more than connections and knowledge. You need results. The EPCM fast-track method of project delivery will save ITG-B almost four months in the completion of their first plant over the conventional U.S. design-bid method. With products to market four months earlier, ITG-B will increase revenues and enjoy construction cost savings. Just six weeks after the initial project kick-off meeting between SSOE China and ITG-B in Shanghai construction began with only 25% of the actual design complete.

Interestingly, the growth in China’s infrastructure and their need for iron to support this growing infrastructure is creating a boom in the U.S. mining industry—an industry SSOE knows very well.